Every Now And Then

… it occurs to me how much fun I have when I’m gaming, and I remember to take a screenshot. I’ve been taking quite a few screenies in WoW of late, and while most of them aren’t blog-quality, some of them are quite fun and I am hereby inflicting them on you all.

Ironically, for a game that touts its All About The Endgame nature, WoW is amazingly good at the levelling part. It’s been about a calendar month since I came back to WoW, and my main was 55 when I did so. She’s now 82 — and yeah, that’s probably not much in a month for most people, especially in WoW, especially with the new levelling curves, but to me it still seems amazingly rapid.

The thing is, though, I don’t feel like I’ve been rushing through anything or skipping content in my level-ho attempts to climb the ladder of MMO social importance. Quite the contrary.  I’ve sampled a zone here, a quest hub there, and every time I’ve wanted to move on because a zone got tedious or because I’d just had my fill of bloooooo (Zangarmash, I’m looking at YOU!), I’ve been able to do so and find another fun and interesting place to explore.

The Cataclysm content, which I finally reached a couple of days ago, has been very similar. I could be organised and do each zone (or one of each pair) in a methodical fashion… but I’m not methodical. It’s almost a dirty word as far as my brain is concerned, and that — among other things — is why I will never be a computer programmer or a brain surgeon (though I haven’t quite given up on rocket scientist yet). So yes, I’ve been working through Vashj’ir in a relatively linear fashion, which isn’t difficult because the zone is very linearly organised, but I’ve still found ways to a) get side-tracked, b) miss quests and have to go back for them, c) accidentally enter the Horde quest hubs despite the enormous RED-NOT-ALLIANCE flags outside, and d) explore other places, like Mount Hyjal. Speaking of Hyjal, I’m not sure I like the place, but I’ll give it more than 3 quests before I make up my mind.

Okay, that’s my stab at content for the day. Have some pix.

Definitely one of the most fun vehicle-based quests EVAR
Oh wait, this one's fun too. Except I feel like I should be on the hood of a car.
AAAAAAAHHHH! I really hope they haven't seeeeen meeeeeeee!
How to literally suck players into your games. MOAR KRAKEN!
Adventures in zone design - let's add a whole nother dimension!
ProTip: Don't use the Boots of Jumping to the Surface when you're only 15' down



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  1. I have a similar sort of problem, albeit reversed. I tend to take so many screenshots (that’s fun for me) that I forget to do the quests. I definitely get lost sometimes, though. Wandering into hostile territory for just the right camera angle, well… that gets dicey sometimes. 😉

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