New Year's Foofery

Seems there was at least one blog that was linking to me only to have me, cruelly and heartlessly, fail to link in return. This has been remedied.

It’s foofery. You should know how this works by now. If you don’t, here are the destructions:

— If you link to me and I haven’t linked back and you’re not an online-prescription/pr0n-spam site, whap me over the head in the comments or something and it shall be fixed.

Um, that’s it really. Here, have the requisite cute baby animal picture, since those are 99% of my damn traffic.

Hello! I'm good for at least another 20 pageviews!


3 thoughts on “New Year's Foofery

  1. Subscribed.

    And not just for the cute baby animal, although if you’ve got one of those (what *is* it?) going spare anyhow…

    1. Hah, it’s an Okapi, sort of like a cross between a horse and a giraffe. I love em! And see how well they work at luring in the unwary! 😀

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