WoWified… again

Turns out I’m no more immune than anyone else to the lure of the New WoW Experience, shades of SWG or no. So on Tuesday I got me a trial account* and on Wednesday I took a look the the new world order. The column I just did for summarises the experience, but I had a couple of things I wanted to add here.

1. The female avatar boob-jiggle drives me crazy; good thing I mostly don’t have to look at it. Seriously — my new dwarf shaman (yeah!) looks like she has two cannonballs swinging around on her chest. I’m surprised she hasn’t knocked herself out yet.

2. I just can’t get into races whose knees are on backwards. I tried to make a Tauren shaman yesterday, but the leg thing coupled with the size thing and the general cowishness … I just couldn’t do it. I’ve always wanted to love Tauren, and I do, from a distance. I just can’t play one. I have a feeling I’ll get the same minor gross-out feeling if I ever get Cataclysm and make a Worgen. Shame, too, I really want to try playing one of those.

3. Every time I stop playing WoW, I forget how much fun it is. And every time I start playing WoW again, I forget that the fun/appeal factor can be pretty short-lived for someone with my playstyle. Maybe I should get into raiding. (Hah! Right!)

Sadly I can’t use RealID with the trial account, though I’m still very ambivalent about RealID anyway so maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I also can’t chat in any normal channels other than party and say and… something else. But even so, it’s been fun. If you’re on Icecrown, keep an eye out for Yshmysh (warlock), Heloyse (Huntard) and Ysharrys (shaman) and say hi!

* I have a horrible feeling my original account has been hacked a couple of weeks back — the thing is, I get so many bogus password/banination emails, they all go into my spamcan unread. Anyway, I can’t decide whether I just want to let it die gracefully or whether I should go the customer support route. I tried turning it into a account, which apparently I’d already done (and don’t remember doing), and I’ve already tried recovering it, but my email/name combo apparently doesn’t exist; so I guess the only thing left is to contact CS. We’ll see. Maybe I should just start fresh if I do end up paying to play.

[Update: Fixing my compromised account took one toll-free call and 20 minutes, of which 13 were spent on hold. Props to the Blizzard CS department. So now I can decide whether I want to sub up or not!]

2 thoughts on “WoWified… again

  1. When it comes to backwards knees, you and I must be completely differently wired. I want to play only races that have them that way.

    Well… maybe not only… but there’s a definite preference.

    I recently got into LotRO, since free2play started. Enough to buy a months’ worth of subscription to check out the difference, not enough to commit to more.

    I suspect I’m just tired of the same old mobkilling treadmill. LotRO seems more appealing than WoW, but not by a lot.

    So, personally, I don’t think I’ll bother with checking out Cataclysm. Nothing from what you’ve written or I’ve read elsewhere would suggest that the treadmill has changed significantly enough for me to enjoy it sufficiently.

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