Storm in a blogcup: Warhammer

A few years back we had EA Spouse.

Now we have EA Louse on why Warhammer Online failed.

I haven’t had time to read my RSS feed and see how long this has been causing ripplets across the blogosphere and forums. To be honest, I’m not sure I much care.

For one thing we have no idea if this is legit, but the rant is entertaining. More importantly, however, it’s the by now oh-so-familiar threnody of the worker bee in the gaming and MMO industry. They’re treated for crap and most people who read blogs or are even slightly informed (go read Scott Jennings) know this. The vast majority of gamers have no clue and probably wouldn’t care if they did, being like the vast majority of normal people, to whit: selfish and self-absorbed.

Sadly, this probably will not change the culture of exploitation and managerial self-interest that’s rampant in the MMO development industry – a culture that happens to be rampant in most industries and would be called, by some pundits, “good capitalism.”

I’m not going to get into my feelings about capitalism and exploitation here, this is a gaming blog.

Anyway, go read it. It’s entertaining. It may be eye-opening. It’s biased, of course, but aren’t we all?

5 thoughts on “Storm in a blogcup: Warhammer

  1. That was an entertaining lunch read. I found the follow up post over at Eating Bees was even more entertaining.

      1. Yup. Generally I can’t comment because my lawyer wouldn’t like it is code for “yup, they are arseholes”.

        There’s something systematically wrong with the games industry in that so many of the worst people end up in charge across the board. Maybe it’s our fault for so reliably preferring polished blandness over innovation.

  2. Yeah, I wouldn’t look to much into what is said in that post. Entertaining as it is, it’s being made by a disgruntled employee that wants to make their employer look bad.

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