Quick EVE update

It’s possible I may have been provided — very kindly too! — with a LOTRO F2P beta key* but aside from installing the client I’ve held off actually logging in. For one thing it can apparently take a few hours for your permissions to be correctly set and before that you won’t authenticate to log in. For another, I’m always like this. It’s like Christmas or birthdays or other anticipation-laden present days — what I really enjoy is knowing there’s a shiny something to unwrap and not touching it. Anticipation > fulfilment — hear that, you MMO-gobbling locust generation?

Also, it looks like I’ll only get to make one char, since I’ll be testing that whole lower-class non-paying pleb option — and it’s going to kill me just trying to decide what class to pick. I’d rather put off the agony. I’m a slow-puller not a sudden-ripper with band aids too, by the way.

But I digress.

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