Mordor or Bust LOTRO F2P beta key giveaway

It’s probably not news to anyone, but we’ll headline it anyway.


I am a beta whore


There. Now it’s out in the open I can consider looking for a support group.

In the meantime, check out Mordor or Bust: they haz podcast. They haz twitter. And — o hai! — they haz LOTRO free to play beta keys. I’m still looking for the free T-shirts, because nobody can resist a free T-shirt.

I’m not actually sure what a F2P beta is — as in, what might actually need to be tested — but I am an ignorant peon and I don’t actually care. It’d be a good way to take a look at LOTRO again without shelling out, especially now that I haz better computer. LOTRO still stands in my memory as the MMO with the best landscapes ever, and maybe I’ll be kinder on the gameplay with a few years’ distance. The last time I played LOTRO in any meaningful way was during the beta (the pre-launch kind, since we now have post-launch kinds), and I was planning on checking out the F2P model when it came out.

Assuming I get a key, I can check it out early. Pick me! Pick me!

With thanks to Dickie (or rather, his twitter-version) for the original info! Plus, you’re one of my four readers. That free T-shirt is in the mail*

*insert really small disclaimer text about Acts of God, strikes, and other reasons other than sheer mendacity why you might actually not ever get said free T-shirt