This is not a blog post

This is my mind today:

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I don’t know how some bloggers manage to post every day — sometimes several times a day! I’m already feeling like a large part of this month’s posting was just… filler, in a way, with very little of actual substance. Screenies and game first-impressions are all very well, but that’s not really how I conceive of this place.

Maybe being happier makes me a worse blogger. Having moved to a much nicer house in a much nicer part of the country makes me a damn sight less cranky than I used to be, which seems to equate with having less to write about. I’m also playing somewhat less — all that fresh air to be inhaled and exhaled — and paying a great deal less of attention to the teacup-storms of the MMO-gaming world.

Upside: less cranky. Downside: less to blog about.

I’m not claiming to be a cantankerous blogger — at least not for the most part — but I do want what I write to be motivated by something other than my prosaic daily experiences in-game. Some people write extremely well about their in-game life (Stargrace, Tipa), but I am not one of them. I’m more interested in what makes games and gamers tick, and lately I seem to have had few thoughts and thus little to say on that subject.

Melmoth the even-more-aptly-named has his quiet, semi-literal, wandering doldrums. I have my metaphorical blogging doldrums. Woe is me! Albatross*!

* And lo, there is an upside to everything. Even albatrosses. Albatri? (MP’s Hollywood Bowl Albatross sketch, mildly NSFW — for those who, like me, like to know what the hell they’re clicking on before they end up with BADGER BADGER** blaring in their work cubicle.)

** NOT safe for work unless you turn the sound off first, but where would be the fun in that?