1000 Words

Just because it’s fun taking screenies when one starts a new game. It’s sort of like sharing holiday snaps — nobody else gives a shit, but it’s my album and I’ll post if I want to!

Ah, such a glamorous life we MMO heroes lead. Slaying monsters, taming wild beasts, carrying baskets of apples… Even my pet is embarrassed.

Chillin’ at Sir Longasc’s (@longasc*) guild hall. Nice place!

Necromancers are all the same: life isn’t worth living without leather, spikes and buckles. Unlife? Death? Whatever – as long as it’s got buckles and cleavage. That’s an NPC by the way.

However, I do plan to start a necro of my own. The difficulty in GW isn’t so much picking a class (ALL OF THEM!) as picking a secondary profession. They all look fun, and since I’m not overly concerned with being uber, I’m more worried about finding combos that will be a little useful but mostly fun.


* @longasc who still needs his own blog. Because sometimes 140 chars just isn’t enough!