Fallen Earth – Say hello to my little friend

This is just for Harbinger Zero, who appears to believe I am not sufficiently geared up. Those screenies were a few weeks old — neener neener!

Airgun this!

Now I have an assault rifle too. Ho Ho Ho!

On a totally different note, I mourn the loss of Spyder’s top hat. I had this whole native American thing going and the top hat was very Josey Wales.

Not the hat!


Sadly, those bastard developers chose to be realistic and I can’t get a steel- or kevlar-lined, top-hat shaped piece of really good protective headgear. So instead I’m wearing some stupid padded helmet that was unfashionable 200 years ago when Ike was president. T-shirts and pants don’t go above 30 skill (ish) either. It actually makes perfect sense but dammit, I so wanted to be badass in Daisy Dukes*! (Ok maybe not, but definitely in a Grateful Dead T-shirt.)

Sheesh. The things I do for uberitude, eh? On the bright side, soon I get to wear a shiny blue batter’s helmet! Be still my heart.

* One day there will be a Secret World beta and I shall be in it. What, you thought I’d forgotten? Oh no! /sacrifice chicken