Fallen Earth – snowflakitude and decisions

Fallen Earth continues to be so much fun I’ve a) not logged in to anything else this week and b) come perilously close to not logging in to work either. Ahem.

Oh and better yet, it’s allowed me to reconnect with someone I played Vanguard with and haven’t seen (you know, virtually) in almost 3 years. Shoutout to Capricious! (She doesn’t have a blog. I know, what’s the world coming to?)

I’m still not quite sure what to do with all my characters; I suspect one of them will either be rerolled or be kept and just repurposed. Right now I’m trying to see if you can make a decent rifle char who can also craft — I’m told yes, so we’ll see. Problem is I now have 3 potential crafters and another thing I want to try is to see if you can make a good melee char that also has some ranged skills. Or maybe some charisma (better vendor prices). Or maybe first aid. Gah! Decisions!

Anyway, they’re not really high enough yet for anything to be set. They are however already fairly different from each other, as the screenie below shows. Altair currently has an Elvis Costello thing going on and Spyder is supposed to be my nod to native americans — it was nice to see that several of the face types you can pick are distinctly non-caucasian.

There’s a plethora of gear out there — armour and weapons — and sure, while for the most part you’ll want to wear the most up-to-skill-date stuff you can, that’s never been a major concern of mine. The gals are relatively well-armoured. Ironically, Ysharros the fighty type currently has the least armor use skill if memory serves — I bumped up her melee skill so she could wield the big honkin’ sledgehammer and boy has that been fun. Nothing quite like the smell of sledgehammered zombie brains in the morning, let me tell you!

Headmash, baby!

Each a unique snowflake. With a gun.

And look! I has Flattr button (on right —>). See this post for more info. It’s just a beta right now, but it could be interesting.