Crabby is as crabby does

mud_crabI’ve just realised something about blogging — well, about this blog, anyway. I tend to write these entries early in my morning, not long after I’ve woken up and got a cup or four of coffee down me. And thus, the grumpier I am when I wake up, the crabbier my posts and comments will be. I can’t include all my rants in this because those are often a reaction to someone else’s potentially bone-headed (or at least rant-provoking) pronouncements — though even there, the earlier it is, the more likely I am to stomp around yelling and waving my arms.

Things are just more ANNOYING before noon if you’re not a morning person.

The thing is, I’m not sure I’m not a morning person. I do much better writing — okay, more of it, anyway — not long after I wake up. That’s a habit formed from several years of doing Morning Pages and although I don’t really do them right now, I still find it easy to wake up and start writing something. Also, as the day wears on I tend to get a) busier and b) more brain-dead; trust me, you wouldn’t want me making deep philosophical posts past mid-afternoozzzzzzzzz. Sorry, what?

I’ve not been overflowing with MMO-philosophical goodness these last few months anyway. That’s partly because I’m perfectly content in my current game of choice, warts and all, and also because one does wonder: how often (if at all) can one repeat stuff one has already written about? I’ve asked myself that one several times and come to no definitive answer. On the one hand, a lot of subjects are important to me and I could witter on about them at length and/or repeatedly. On the other hand, those of you who have kindly visited here pretty much since I started might end up saying “Oh ye gods, here she goes again!”

Not that this latter would in any way stop me. I’ve always said I write this primarily for my own entertainment, and that others find it entertaining too is great but it’ll never be my prime motivator. I’m not a Serious Game Journalist or even a Serious Game Designer so I can post pretty much what I want when I want — and not being a Serious Game Blogger, like some vary famous single-names, I also don’t have to worry about what my august readership may or may not think about what I may or may not write. I’m not doing you down, Gentle Reader, but the second I start asking myself what to write because I’m worried about what you’ll think is the second this has stopped being my blog.

Oh what, you want to know if there’s a point to this? Not really. I just noticed a link between my personal grumpiness and the grumpiness of my posts. I’m sort of wondering if I could use that to make better grumpy posts (i.e. rants) when I need to, but the problem with grumpy is that it’s not really very smart. It just stomps around grumbling and muttering under its breath.

In any case, most of the time I am quite happy shiny people. My coffee mug is half full and the world is my mud-crab. Or something like that.

In other actual news, Lum Scott Jennings got canned — well, I gather the entire project did. Boo hiss! It’s about time we got to see him put something out that the rest of us can rant about! Getting canned sucks, especially these days. Good luck to anyone who’s enduring that right now.