If there could be only one

If, from now on, you could only ever play ONE more holy trinity character type, what would it be? I’ve been asking myself that for a couple of days and I, sad altoholic that I am, can’t come up with a single answer. What I probably wouldn’t be, because I’ve had very little experience with it, is a tank, but I can’t decide between DPS and healing.

Just as well it’s not a question that’s likely to be relevant in games. If I had my total druthers, I’d make a healingnukingcantakealittledamage hybrid — lately I seem to be inching away from my snicker-snack DPS damage dealing preferences (though my dreams last night were full of Witch Elves and why they should be nerfed) and more towards healers.

That said, it’s not so much that I really love checking health  bars and spamming heal spells, and I don’t get bigger jollies out of it the more people I have to do it for. What I love about healing is that it gives me a margin for error. I’m not a super player and I’m not superly geared out — nor do I care to be. Being able to slap a magical band-aid on myself fills those little non-leet gaps.

I suspect that when The Secret World is revealed, I’ll probably gravitate towards someone with bandaid-slapping skills. Or maybe someone with a big honkin’ katana. Or both.


One thing is pretty certain. If they look like the above, I certainly won’t be playing Illuminati anything. Seriously, will the fashion police come take that woman a-way?