It’s only a model

It’s been two days, so I think it’s time to direct my friendly local Champions Online players back to Syp’s latest masterpiece. I give you (well, he does, but I’m linking)…


{and the crowd goes wild}

Cick me for Syp's original and the rules
Cick me for Syp's original and the rules

The rules are here, for Bingo is nothing without rules, and it’s the original post and if you don’t already visit Syp you really should. Harmless sociable person who works with teenagers by day… EVIL GENIUS by night. If you need proof, all you need to know is that he willingly works with teenagers. I think he’s hand-picking the next generation of evil geniuses, personally.

Wonder if he’s read the Evil Overlord list recently? Regardless, any aspiring evil supervillain needs to.

4 thoughts on “It’s only a model

  1. I overhead Syp last night revising it a little, but I don’t think he ever hit bingo, or at least I didn’t hear him shout it out loud.

  2. I have two of those… any guesses as to which?

    If you guessed “Red Demon w/tail” and “female w/skimpy bikini” you would be correct!

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