Tha Seekrit Wurld

With such creative spelling do I foil my unimaginative Templar and probably stoned Illuminati enemies. (What, the Illuminati brain-dead playboy image is nothing but a cunning ruse perpetrated to lull us into a false sense of security? Yeah, right. Methinks the boy toy doth protest too much.)

[It’s just a shame the entire freaking internet has turned out dragon. I think at least 95% of them are lying. We’ll soon separate the wheat from the chaff.]

This stuff isn’t all new, but may give folks as recently converted to TSW some stuff they may not yet have read, or seen.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun interview with Ragnar Tørnquist, April 2009 – Basics of TSW

RPS interview 2, September 2009 – TSW factions and PvP

Some rather polished-looking screenshots, also at RPS. Yeah, they’re probably Photochopped, but still… for all we know the game is coming out in two weeks and they’re just not saying cuz it’s all a great conspiracy and you should probably stop to breathe right around now!!!111oneone!

Yesterday’s Twitter interview with the same Man with the Seekrit Plan. (Note: game is currently “pre-alpha” so don’t expect a beta invite in the next week. And if you do get one, it was for me, so hand it over or I’ll shave your dog kthxbai.)

If all that is tl;dr, here’s what I took from it.

Humans, only seemingly ordinary, fight a shadowy but unmistakable evil in a dark modern-day Ramsey Campbell type world (pretty on the surface, corrupt and nasty out of the corner of your eye), while the secret societies these ordinary humans belong to also fight each other for control of the secret world — Agartha — beneath our feet. Topside, players will cooperate (some) in order to resist a common enemy (PvE), while the subterranean parts will involve faction against faction (PvP) in an attempt to come out ahead.


There are no classes and advancement is touted as more horizontal than vertical. This should apparently enable players to change roles as time goes by (though hopefully the whole concept of “role” isn’t as tightly defined as it is in traditional MMOs, or all we have is Holy Trinity mutton dressed as classless lamb), and should also make it easier for new players to get into the thick of the action even though everyone around them is further along. I can see how this might work — in theory it’s possible in EVE, where relative newbies can contribute to combat in certain situations.

That’s the released, PR-so-far part. It’s interesting, and I really like the idea of someone with some solid plot and story-telling experience being involved as opposed to just a bunch of let’s-build-another-raid coders and gamers (sorry, I love you really). The few pix available seem atmospheric — trouble has been taken to get that right, and in a dark horror-esque evil-creeping world, if you don’t got atmosphere you don’t got anything.

Plus, it’s got crafting. And you can wear sneakers to fight in. Being liberated from the tyranny of every level 40 hunter wearing BlueItem003 and looking exactly the same is going to be such a novel experience for some, I suspect the clamoring for “gear” that looks like “meaningful gear” will begin very soon. Let’s hope not. It’s about time I got to express my individuality in games again.

And if you haven’t pretended to be a dragon yet to get into our seekrit hall, a ploy which by the way will never work taken the faction test yet, what are you waiting for? The Dragon needs either new children or new fodder — it ain’t picky.