Round Two: WHAT… is your favourite…

timtheenchanterMight as well take another one while I’m already down after the Marmite debacle (currently at 23 yay, 32 yech; I’ll hunt those 32 down, never fear). I’m not even going to mention the Vegemite traitors.

I never learn.

Brought to you by Ysh, proudly losing Ham vs Bacon polls since 2001.

And don’t go all high-minded on me — people love polls almost as much as they love free T-shirts. Hrmmm… maybe I should get me a Cafepress store; I’ve already got at least one “POLL LOSER” logo.

Please note – “Other” votes will henceforth count as ham.  (Yeah, yeah, I’m kidding. What kind of mutant super eyes do you have anyway, to be reading this? Bugger off and let me cheat in peace!)