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Am rueing the day I thought I should do an EQ2 crafting post. The thing will be a monster and I’m not certain of its overall value. However, I did a poll AND promised no free T-shirt (and if somehow I implied actual free t-shirtage, rest assured that I intend to pull a Cryptic), so there’s no getting out of it.

It’s still in draft form. So for today, and in honour of Tobold and weird commenters everywhere, I declare this to be Random Comment Day.

/throws glove

I realise that merely challenging people to comment on a totally fluff post is probably going to net me zero comments, for you bloggers and blog readers are a fickle and tarty bunch. Maybe I should insult someone first, to spark a debate?

But wait! Inspiration strikes.

I don’t really like cake.

Pie is … meh.

But cheese… cheese is the food of the gods. From now on, any incentivising pretend-goodies on this site will involve mouldy milk products and rennet. Pie and cake are banished!

This post was brought to you by the League for Greater Comment Volume. Never mind the quality — feel the width!

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Multiplaying is spoiling for a fight. Gummi bears indeed. They even rank below PIE.

Incoming Pull think they missed something. I could say yes, but it’s really just a handful silly people deciding to be silly on a silly day. And it’s probably a model. (And hey, guys, what happened to Name/URL logins? Or WordPress logins? Your comments hated me and wouldn’t let me speak. Help! Help! I’m being repressed!)

What’s the most fun about this bit of aimless Thursday silliness is that without intending to, I’ve come across another dozen interesting new blogs. Are you guys trying to kill me through Google reader?! I hate you! Le Rocquefort will get you all!

56 thoughts on “Go on go on go on go on go on

  1. “I realize that merely challenging people to comment on a totally fluff post is probably going to net me zero comments”

    – That’s all you ever have to say to inspire most people to leave a comment of some sort. Heh.

    1. Except that you fickle and tarty commenters are even more perverse than you are fickle and tarty! So challenging the MMO community to anything is generally tantamount to asking them to do the opposite. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Kilmeaden Irish Cheddar. No better cheddar.

    Also Im disappointed. My wife is a Mrs Doyle but I havent yet gotten a chance to exact bloody vengence on someone for making the joke.

    1. How do you manage to make *everything* sound vaguely dirty, Scary? I am in awe of your powers and hope you use them only for good.

  3. Argh, you caught me at lunchtime. Mmm, brie with grapes. Feta in greek salad. Blue stilton or Roquefort with port and biscuits.


    So hungry now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Ah, cheesecake! The heavenly marriage of cake and cheese! Though I’ll always prefer the German-style cheesecake my aunt made to the heavy, overly creamy stuff you get here in the US.

      And mmm, feta, olives, tomatoes… It’s not even 8am here and I’m hungry for lunch.

  4. I sense reverse psychology, and it worked!

    Cheese by itself is not bad, but consider that anything that is appropriate to include melted cheese on is pretty much divine.

  5. Mrs Doyle looks like a guy to me. She could be the mommy of Lady Gaga. I also noticed she is drinking a lot of coffee. I think I just gave you a reason to drink tea tomorrow morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. German cheesecake is made with Quark ๐Ÿ˜€ Haven’t seen anyplace that sells that here yet, but I’m in the wilds of Texas and not in Manhattan, so that probably explains that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Piima is yummy. Pretty sure I’ve had Kefir but it left little memory. And Kumiss… I like Genghis Khan as much as the next gal, but no thanks. Fermented mare’s milk is not for me!

      1. They used to sell it in Tesco! I know, because I bought it. But that was a decade ago…

        Oh wait, or maybe it was Waitrose. They’re more upmarket. I bet you could find it at M&S too.

  6. I seem to think that if you say you don’t like cake, it’s only because you haven’t had the most heavenly Red Velvet cake that van only be purchased at a small dinner here in Chicago. That’s the only reason I can imagine such a heinous statement being made!

  7. I don’t know what’s scarier.. the quantity of comments on cheese.. or the extraordinary number of people posting at 6:56 in the morning.. Staggers the mind, it does.

    And down heya in Texas, we gots only one kind of cheese! It’s jalepeno Pepper Jack cheese, or it’s nothin’!!

    Yeeee Hawww!

    gratuitous cross blog link: http://ofcourseillplayit.com

    1. You’re in my blogroll, dude! I drive at least one click a month your way, so stop spamming! ๐Ÿ˜€

      And we cheese-lovers are an early rising bunch. (Well… and over half the commenters atm are across the pond, where it’s long past 6AM.)

  8. At least you’re not writing about LOTRO crafting. Like WoW crafting, LOTRO crafting consists of clicking the button and watching the progress bar. Unlike WoW crafting, LOTRO crafting includes lots of subcombines and a small number of recipes that you have to repeat to get your tradeskill experience. I ran out of trail food last night and figured I’d sign on quick before bed and cook up a batch. It took about 2 minutes to obtain the necessary ingredients (wish they’d identify which ones – almost all of them – come from vendors) and nearly 30 minutes to actually cook the food.

  9. Am going to take this moment to ask if you can remove my old blog from your links and replace with my brand-spanking shiny one…and I thank you.

    1. The League for Greater Comment Volume is strictly not-for-profit. We do, however, accept gifts of cheese. We’re also thinking of registering as a religion, for tax purposes.

  10. Now that I’ve cleaned up the glass of milk I just spewed all over my desk from laughter I’d like to say……

    Ysharros, You are my hero ROFL! and where can I get a shirt?

  11. No free t-shirts? I dunno, I may be swayed negatively with no shirts.

    Eh, probably not. I do enjoy a fun and random equivalent of doing the wave but on blogs.

    I’m in.

  12. I took my shirt off.

    You know people eat Apple Pie with cheese? I usually have my apple pie with ice cream melting on it, but I’m intrigued.

  13. I wonder if all us bloggers fight for each others comments, is it like the snake eating it’s tail? Are we so comment hungry we start up blogs just to get attention? Maybe, become famous like Tobold, Ysharros, Syp, Br3ntbr0, or the thousand other MMO blogger? What has the blogshere come too?

    While your at it check out my blog /wink!

  14. Cheese is a wonderful gift, one my three year old daughter can not seem to get enough of. yummy yummy.

    As for blogging and comment; *shrug*. I generally only comment when I feel what I have to say a new thought, or if I have a specific question for the author.

    With this small outbreak on focusing on comments, maybe I start posting thank yous to my favorite bloggers.

  15. Cheese is fantastic, but inferior to the likes of Sour Patch Kids or Haribo Gummi Bears. BOW BEFORE THE MIGHT OF HARIBO!

      1. Another Blasphemer!

        Zeli says that I’m pushing an anti-cheese agenda…I say YOU are leading the campaign against the Gummi’s!

        Pistols at dawn!

        Another line ending in exclamation!

      2. Look at you, Slurms! You’re out of control with this nonsense! It’s cheese all the way and you need to accept it. If you can’t melt it and put it on meat, it’s just not going to be able to compete.

    1. Could it have something to do with browsers? I’m using Chrome, I know it doesn’t always play nice. But I hate Internet Exploder and Firefox just became too bloated (nom nom nom memory leak nom nom nom).

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