Go on go on go on go on go on


Am rueing the day I thought I should do an EQ2 crafting post. The thing will be a monster and I’m not certain of its overall value. However, I did a poll AND promised no free T-shirt (and if somehow I implied actual free t-shirtage, rest assured that I intend to pull a Cryptic), so there’s no getting out of it.

It’s still in draft form. So for today, and in honour of Tobold and weird commenters everywhere, I declare this to be Random Comment Day.

/throws glove

I realise that merely challenging people to comment on a totally fluff post is probably going to net me zero comments, for you bloggers and blog readers are a fickle and tarty bunch. Maybe I should insult someone first, to spark a debate?

But wait! Inspiration strikes.

I don’t really like cake.

Pie is … meh.

But cheese… cheese is the food of the gods. From now on, any incentivising pretend-goodies on this site will involve mouldy milk products and rennet. Pie and cake are banished!

This post was brought to you by the League for Greater Comment Volume. Never mind the quality — feel the width!

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Frank over at Overly Positive might be being sarcastic, but I think he means every word. He does acknowledge the power of cheese though, so it’s all good.

/gab kicks it old school and Shakespearean, with a side of Jewish uncle.

Multiplaying is spoiling for a fight. Gummi bears indeed. They even rank below PIE.

Incoming Pull think they missed something. I could say yes, but it’s really just a handful silly people deciding to be silly on a silly day. And it’s probably a model. (And hey, guys, what happened to Name/URL logins? Or WordPress logins? Your comments hated me and wouldn’t let me speak. Help! Help! I’m being repressed!)

What’s the most fun about this bit of aimless Thursday silliness is that without intending to, I’ve come across another dozen interesting new blogs. Are you guys trying to kill me through Google reader?! I hate you! Le Rocquefort will get you all!