I can rant just as well as you can, Dmitri!

Openedge1, never a stranger to bubbling, hissing, cauldron-fed polemic, has made a post guaranteed to get crafting players like me frothing at the mouth. Better yet, he does it with wit, which is always essential to any good rant. Never one to pass up an opportunity for ready-made response content, here I am.


I have only one thing to say to that post, as well as to the various responses cropping up. By all means, remove crafting from games! Actually, remove the damned combat, the stupid item grind, the ridiculous BS that is grey/vendor loot, the repetitive life- and soul-sucking inanity that is raids, and just leave me to craft away in peace.

{Here, have some popcorn. I just made a batch, because I’m a CRAFTER.}

Why exactly is it that stuff one doesn’t like has to disappear off the face of the earth?

Oh yeah — tolerance makes for boring blog posts, and it’s useless for rants. So.

DOWN WITH ADVENTURING AND ADVENTURERS! Kick em all in the nads and send the murdering, pillaging, razing bastards to jail — or to the eastern front — which is probably where that whole bunch of psycopathic bastards belongs in the first place.

(PS: Customers? Pfft. Given the choice between the end of the whole “ZOMG crafting sux take it out take it out take it out!!!!” whinge and having adventurers for customers, I’ll pick the peace and quiet. After all, crafters need stuff made too.)