Cry Foofery and let slip the URLs of war

That’s little-war, not WARhammer war, by the way, and it’s that time again.

Every now and again I stumble across a blog that has very kindly linked to me, and I’d never have known if I weren’t occasionally nosy about where my daily traffic comes from. I’m sure there’s a doohickey that’ll tell me all about incoming links — in fact, I used to get mailed one every day but it seemed to love linking all the “possibly related but not really but there you go, I’m a bot and I picked YOUR post to link to this one about penguins in angora jumpers” without ever actually telling me about the real, useful, OMG-I’m-on-someone’s-blogroll! links. So, yeah, that got unsubbed.

I’m equally sure I could use clever tools and smarter doohickeys (codenamed Moohickeys from now on) to tell me that kind of stuff, but ultimately I like my foofery posts and I’ve decided to ignore the fact that I didn’t make the word up. I didn’t know it existed before I used it — maybe it’s not too late to trademark it, since I missed the boat on Cataclysm.

Where was I? A point? Oh, yes — the usual. If you’re reading this and I’m on your blogroll or whatever and haven’t reciprocated, it’s not because I’m a Heather, it’s because I’m oblivious. Comment and let me know, and I’ll fix it. Sadly, since I can’t find a decent foofery-illustrating picture (see more on which below), you’ll have to make do with Eddie Izzard tasting like chicken instead. Or maybe that’s his James Mason. Either way.


Not that I think everyone I link to has to link me back and vice-versa, but in most cases of equal net-mass and fame let alone similar subject matter and interests and, oh hey, readers, it’s just a nice thing to do. It’s also entirely possible I’m missing some subtle nuance about the game of relative internet popularity; I wouldn’t know, being the aforementioned Oblivious. (And this is where  I once again hold my tongue about the few folks who, I guess, were good enough to be linked to by me but too good to link back — and no, I’m not taking Bartle-level fame here. And no, they’re not on my blogroll anymore either. So — and I say this as maturely as I can — neeeerh.)

PS — hah! I may not have made the word up, but I damn near OWN it, oh yeah! Google image “foofery” and that’s MY marmot and MY bat-country cats; as in, the images I stole from someone else and used as my own, but this is the internets, everyone does it. Fame, fame at last! Someone peel me a grape*! (Note Tesh’s almost-as-stellar fame there too, by the way. I’m generous like that.)


* for the older-movie reference challenged
** Yes, it is entirely possible that dealing with Vista in the last three days (my first exposure) may have driven me slightly insane.

5 thoughts on “Cry Foofery and let slip the URLs of war

  1. Isn’t that a squirrel worried he might’ve left the oven on? Or possibly playing the flute… Or a badger! With a gun!

    *runs away*

  2. I’m only on your blogroll ONCE. I assume this is a mistake and that it will be rectified.

    Also, “penguins in angora jumpers” would make a great name for a blog.

  3. ROFL that foofery image you linked has me in my gasmask at the bottom. Yes, that’s really me wearing a gasmask and Oakleys.

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