Did I really or am I going senile?

getting_olderSome of you already know that Mort and I ordered new computers last week, and they arrived on Monday afternoon. For the technically-minded, we went the lazy route this time and bought prefab; we’ve paid our geek, build-it-yourself-with-a-soldering-iron dues long ago, and sometimes it’s ok to take the slacker route.

Anyway, we didn’t get much of a chance to do anything with them on Monday since they didn’t arrive till 3 or so. I set my machine up and got to copying stuff from the old one — I’ll move my old hard drive over one of these days, too. Getting to grips with Vista — we’ve been staunch non-Vista holdouts so far — was… interesting, though I’ll have to say it’s growing on me (like mould?). Tuesday was spent mostly setting up Mort’s machine and reinstalling various things that needed reinstalling, like the Sims3 and so on.

And yesterday, finally, we got to check out EQ2 on our new, better/faster/higher settings. All I can say is, wow. Playing at more than 18FPS really does make a difference, doesn’t it? Whaddaya know! Being able to turn on some of the fancier effects was fun too, and I’ve finally seen a bloom effect I like, when in every other game I just turn it off as being one of those sounds-good-but-looks-silly things.

Which is where the senile part comes in. I know I took a bunch of screenies yesterday as we wandered around Kelethin, hitch-free and for once not in fear of my accidentally hitch-lagging my way off a platform. I was going to sort through the nicer ones and maybe do a before-and-after post here… but I can’t find them, so instead I’m doing a omg-I’m-getting-old post instead.

When I do find them, or once I’ve taken some screenies I can FIND, I’ll do that post. Don’t hold your breath though, real life has me jumping through hoops today and into machines that go ping! — I’m getting a CAT scan. I sure hope House is there to be sarcastic and eye-candyish. (Mmm Hugh Laurie.)

EDIT — it helps if the folder you’re trying to save screenshots to isn’t read-only! I think I need to Gibbs-slap myself on the back of the head for that one. Now to get anti-aliasing working right and my screenshot taking binge can commence!

12 thoughts on “Did I really or am I going senile?

  1. Good luck with the scan hope everything turns out good.
    House and NCIS references, way to frighteningly similar to our home TV viewing habits.

    As far as the screenshots go, when I first got my Vista machine, I ran into this, at least with WoW, put EQ2 outside of Program Files to work around it.

    Vista doesn’t seem to like apps writing to what it seems as it’s system directories. Games with Vista in mind, LotRO for instance, save screenshots to places in My Documents for this purpose. It lets the game think its writing out the screenshot normally, but stashes it in a virtual recreating of the normal path. Originally tracked this down on the WoW tech support forum, but check here for EQ2 and you might find your earlier shots.

    C:Users\AppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram Files

    Below that would be the EQ2 install path, I think its along the lines of SonyStationEQ2.

  2. Vista captures files that were to be saved in a protected folder (where EQ2 is) and puts them in a safe place. It’s in one of the Local Data folders beneath your user folder. Go to your user folder and look for .jpg or .bmp files in that and all the folders it contains and you’ll find them.

  3. Yay! thanks both! Found em!

    I did a bunch of fiddle-farting about with where the EQ2 directory is, which I probably needn’t have done if I’d read these comments first. As it is, I’m going to leave it a day or two and forget about how irritated blundering around in the dark on a new OS is, before I see what I can (or should) fix.

  4. Yeah…the biggest thing to learn about Vista is it has a way of dropping you out of the role of administrator when it feels you are doing trivial things. As Tipa noted…Vista has a way of saying…almost all the time…I don’t want your possible viral crap saved at the top level of access to your hard drive.

    Also, you’ve probably noted that Vista wants you to run certain programs as the administrator. Sometimes it is very clear about that and something it likes to be sneaky and not tell you that. If you have problems running any of your software, right click on the executable and tell it to run as administrator. It’s usually the problem.

    Other than that, congrats on the new machines!!!

  5. Congrats on the new systems. I love going back and playing my old games to see how much better they run.

    Vista does a few things a little wonky, but I haven’t had the problems with it other people seem to.

  6. From what I can tell, Vista is a very logical OS — except it doesn’t bother to explain much of that logic to the user. Mort and I are both pretty advanced users & have been computing since before this newfangled World Wide Web thing, but MicroSoft seems to assume that while it should ask you every time Vista wants to fart, it *doesn’t* need to explain that you might want to do A in order to enable B so that you can do C.

    The administrator thing I knew — what’s been giving me the biggest headaches today has been the 64-bit/32-bit locations and the internal logic to where stuff is stored.

    On the bright side, it’s been a crash course in some of the underlying principles of the OS. It’s not like bonus crafting xp has been turned on yet anyway! 😀

  7. Well, what the hell have you done to warrant a CAT scan, you silly woman? If you haven’t had one recently, let me give you a heads-up: the contrast stuff they inject you with makes you feel like you’ve peed yourself. O.O Consider yourself warned.

    1. It’s just a precautionary because of the migraines — no results yet, and it was done without contrast for which I am now suitably grateful. 😀

      @ Pete, I did see that UAC disable thing (one of the first things I look for is how to turn stuff off, heh), but I wasn’t entirely certain Vista wouldn’t try to blow up at me for daring to escape its Big Brotherish clutches. I’ll turn it off now, though, and gladly. 😉

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