It’s not all fun and games in the cheffing trade, I’ll have you know!

Mort and I laughed like hyenas when this happened to poor Herb at work and we saw what he looked like when he got home. Normally he wears a stylish white chef’s uniform and toque, complete with 5-star medal and shoulder detail. Presumably he has more than one in his closet… oh wait, he doesn’t have a closet (we’re cheap that way).

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye

Meanwhile, Sunbeam Moonlight is trying desperately not to cave in to The Man and get at least a part-time job so she can pay the bills. Selling apples is fine, but low-income until they’re really good quality (which hers are not, yet). She’s also avoiding the alluring siren call of the materialistic pig — the game keeps trying to get me to buy her a TV or something else shiny for the house, but every time I’m close to caving in (more mood bonuses and whatnot) Sunbeam gives me this hippie look and I can’t do it. The next big purchase will be a guitar because, come on, every self-respecting flower child has to have a guitar; problem is, they’re $600 and for Sunbeam that’s a lot of money…

Plant life-coaching

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  1. How about a flute instead of a guitar? Or maybe a sitar? Or maybe a didjeridoo? Or just fo for a tamborine – although that works better together with other flower children spreading the joy of life.

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