Hobo to the max

Thanks to RPS’s link, I have discovered this little gem: Alice and Kev.

Alice & Kev
Alice & Kev

It’s a Sims3 diary and experiment, and it’s already fascinating. It’s also not helping a) my desire to buy that game and b) my increasing twitchy need to get a new computer. Our current rigs are 3 and a half years old and they weren’t cutting edge when we built them (we went more for “affordable” back then), and I’m still enough of a nerd that I start to feel inadequate if I’m not upgrading at most every 2 years, though I’ve been getting around that by making small and/or incremental upgrades — new gfx cards, new monitors, etc — every so often. Still, it would be nice to be able to crank up the graphics on EQ2…

Happy Sunday.

EDIT — thanks to a grocery trip that took us entirely too close to Best Buy ( *innocent look* ), I am now the proud owner of a Collector’s Edition of  The Sims 3. I have already told Mort that my playtime is to be strictly controlled, knowing my obsessive tendencies with the other Sim-games (not the Sims, but SimCity and its various spinoffs).

The collector’s edition came with a gimmick, but it impressed me so it’s a good gimmick: a 2GB USB drive cleverly hidden inside a lime-green plastic lozenge… which also has a doohickey to clip on to a keychain or, as provided, a lime-green carabiner. Gimmicky for sure, but neat. There are other goodies like some kind of sports car and a $10 Sims store credit, but it was the included strategy guide that sold the package, since I was going to get one anyway. From previous experience, most Sim-games are complex enough that a guide is never superfluous. Besides, I’m one of those weird people who actually enjoys reading game guides.

That is all. Time to install! (…as soon as I finish wrestling with the DVD case wrapper and protections.)