Digital Pluggery

I’ve been meaning to give this site a shout-out for ages, and I keep forgetting. So, linky: Digital Blasphemy.

It’s the main site for an artist I’ve been following for almost a decade (actually, it might be a decade now) and whose work has done nothing but get better.  I was an active supporter for some time and let that lapse — which, now that I’ve remembered, I intend to remedy, though for those who just want to get the odd wallpaper the free gallery has more than enough to choose from.

Not game-related, I know, but I’m a fan of high-quality desktop (and other) art and I love what this guy does. A little free publicity never hurt anyone, and you might find something you like. Here’s just one example: or not. I thought that linking to the image itself if people clicked on it would be fine, especially considering that each wallpaper is watermarked, but I guess I missed that Netiquette lesson. Go find it yourself then.