CoX Mission Architect – the countdown commences

Sente over at A Ding World has the real skinny, I’m just passing it along.

We shall be Mission Architecting on Live from April 8th. D -4 and counting! Don’t expect to be playing on Wednesday, if a hundred major patches from a dozen other games are any indication.

I’ve tried the architect on CoX Test, as those of you who pay attention will already know, but I haven’t been back to it in the last week or so for several reasons. One, I have too many other things to do. Two, as release dates approach (and we knew it had to be getting close), doing things on test servers starts to seem more pointless (other than testing, obviously). And three, I was so awed by other people’s creations that my peasly little cat-themed arc started seeming rather paltry in comparison. But I wasn’t sulking! I was … resting. Pining for the Fjords. Mostly, I was just too busy with other stuff — it’s been one of those months where you spend a lot of time WANTING to play and much less time being able to indulge that desire.

That’s it. I’m off to work and wish I could play.