Ye Olde Pluggage

Yes, pluggage that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I’m participating in both (at least, hopefully!).

Bright Hub – especially, of course, the MMO section. Muckbeast is responsible for that section, and I know many people who visit here also read his very interesting stuff.  My only quibble with the site right now is that it’s very slow to load for me (okay, and I am insanely impatient with pages that don’t load in under 0.0002 seconds), but I get the impression the hamsters are paddling madly to fix that.

Grinding to Valhalla – who blogs, why we blog, what we’re like under the Internet disguise, and who among us talks WAY too much. (No, you don’t win a toaster for getting that one right.)

As regards the latter, note that the “investigation” and invitation to bare your soul seems to be open to bloggers in general, though you may want to drop the author a line just to check — but the “About” page seems pretty open.

See, read, participate!

EDIT – in other news, my feed reader just hit 115 entries. How heavy is yours? And, do you know something that will sycnh my blogroll and my reader while I have Beulah peel me a grape?

9 thoughts on “Ye Olde Pluggage

  1. Without checking too much, you can export Google Reader’s OPML file then import that into WordPress. But you’re doing that manually every time you want to update it.

    I haven’t tried this yet but shows how to make a custom PHP template for WordPress that I think should keep it updated automatically. Not sure if anyone has come up with a plugin we can just install instead of having to copy PHP code, but it’s a good idea. Then again I’m not sure if I actually want the blogroll on my site to have that huge of a list along the side of the screen.

  2. in other news, my feed reader just hit 115 entries. How heavy is yours?

    I have a 177 feeds remaining since my last ‘dead blog’ clearout a few months ago, which averages about 40-50 posts a day.

    Wait, 179 feeds, because I just added Bright Hub and Grinding to Valhalla.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. The GtV thing was pretty neat. I submitted answers for the first two chapters.

    As for feeds, I think I have … 39 posts on iMMOvation. I’ve taken some stuff off, put some in the draft category and even moved some to Wiqd Reflections that were WAR related. Overall I think I’ve done close to 75 or 80, but not that many are actually readable 😛

  4. @ Wiqd – no no, not how much you’ve written but how many other people’s blogs/musings/whatever you have feeding into your reader, if you use one. I should have been a little more clear — I just assume everyone else has become a Google Reader junkie like me. 😀

  5. Ah ok. I don’t use a reader 😛 I’m scared to see how full it would be if subscribed to everything I read. I just take my time and visit places as I remember 😛

    I almost set up Outlook to pull RSS from the sites I read. Almost.

  6. I used to think the same, Wiqd, mainly because I didn’t really know much about RSS, but ultimately it not only broadened my blog-reading but also streamlined it. Now, stuff comes across in the reader — I read almost all of it (except on really REALLY busy days, or some of the more common news-updates from Rock-Paper-Shotgun or the WAR Herald), and since it’s all in one place it’s a lot easier to see much more and pay more attention to what I am seeing.

    Anything I find particularly look- or comment-worthy I’ll just follow the link to.

    Seriously – it’s not only easier and more efficient, it actually enhances the amount of blogs I can follow (which is good for them) without having my head explode. It takes me less time to follow 115 or whatever sites on my reader than it used to take me to check up on a dozen blogs and a couple of forums. Definitely an improvement.

    Just don’t do it through Outlook, unless you find that really works for me (err *you). I’d recommend GoogleReader — you could start with just a handful of sites and see what you think.

    Scrolling through my feeds had become part of my daily coffee-and-newspaper type morning routine. I love it.

  7. I only have 67 subscriptions in my google reader at the moment. Most are WAR blogs, but I have some miscellaneous stuff — CNN, lolcats, Digg Gaming section, etc.

    115, wow…

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