Foofery Sunday, March 22, 2009

Given the absolute groundswell of interest in the haiku Sunday thing (heee!), I think it’s time to a) look for another Sunday theme and b) have a blogroll foofery day, because it’s been a while.

Blogroll Foofery: where Ysharros attempts to update her blogroll and RSS reader so that they more or less contain the same items, and where anyone who has been missed off the blogroll should speak up so that this gross negligence may be remedied.

Anyone out there (the 4 of you who read blogs on a Sunday 😉 ) have any suggestions for a Sunday theme? I’ll admit I’m inspiration-light today.

Here’s a (not really) random pic to pad out a small post.


6 thoughts on “Foofery Sunday, March 22, 2009

  1. I read on sundays! *waves* No idea on a theme though. I usually theme mine to ‘stuff people probably aren’t interested in so I’ll slip it on a Sunday’ but I don’t think I recommend that.

    I liked the haikus

  2. the 4 of you who read blogs on a Sunday

    Why is that? I would think that the weekends would give people even more time to write blog posts, or to read them (especially since so many of us just use RSS feeds so new posts are *poof* right there for us) but typically the total number of new posts I get over a full weekend is roughly half that of a single weekday.

    Does everyone blog from work during the week or something?

  3. “Does everyone blog from work during the week or something?”

    I’ll sometimes write a blog post on my lunch hour. Even during lunch, I’d get some odd looks if I fired up a game, but blogging looks like a ‘legit’ activity.

    I’ve got no good ideas for a theme. I read the haikus but never has anything to say in reply.

  4. I read blogs every day, because I always check my feeds before I do anything during the day. That means weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, Caturdays…

    As for a theme for Sunday blogging, I’m not sure. I’m having a hard enough time as it is coming up with blog post ideas, now that the shine has worn off. At one point I had tons of topics, so many that I had to write them down constantly. Then it got to the point where I wouldn’t know what to write about for the next scheduled post, but the day before or the morning of I’d generally have come up with something. Now I’m at the stage where I just have no clue what to write about and, if inspiration does strike, it’s usually the morning of the day I plan to post and I get to work as soon as a I come up with an idea.

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