This has already been picked up by a ton of people, but I’m going to record it anyway — for posterity, or that time in a year or two when what was the Sci-Fi channel collapses under the weight of its management’s idiocy.

Wanting to change the name is, in itself, already bordering on lunacy. Is Animal Planet suddenly going to call itself NML PLNT? Sure, cuz that’s how I’d text it! And it’s almost young-speak, and we may not understand them but we sure want those young-speak dollars.

Changing it to possibly the lamest thing that ever existed since Larry McLamebastard won the Laredo Lameness Lament goes beyond lunacy and is just laughable. Unlike some, however, I doubt Syfy will be laughing all the way to the bank. Someone actually got paid to come up with that.

This may actually beat the Great British Telecom Logo Disaster of the 90s (for those of you who a) know what that was and b) can remember that far).