…makes Ysh a dull girl

workI guess the tank didn’t do their job properly, because I’ve caught a deadly amount of work aggro this week. I therefore figured I’d see if there’s any particular topic folks visiting this blog would like to kick around and/or read about. Not traditional, I know, as these things are usually done over the weekend (as with Tobold’s Open Sunday threads), but needs must. I haven’t got the time to write a proper entry today, but I can at least apologise for it and put the rest of you to work. ;)

I’m headed back to the translation salt mines. Speak up, I can’t hear ya from down there!


EDIT — Yikes, something horrible has happened to my theme when I view the site. If it’s happening for you too, a) it was like that when I found it and b) I hope it’s fixed soon!

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  1. Make sure you watch that the Canary bird is alive all the time.


  2. let see,

    Skill system vs Leveling system… GO.


  3. The theme looks fine from here.

    How about your take on the PP setup where they maintain both sub servers and MT servers?



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