Haiku Sunday – February 15, 2009

imagesToday’s theme: include the name of your first pet. If you’ve never had a pet, I guess you’re off the hook!

Green like a kiwi
The first leaves are poking through
Winter’s too short here

(Yes, he was called Kiwi and he was a cat. Don’t ask.)

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  1. floatingfeather


    I like your Haiku and your theme instantly revived an old memory.

    Boom of dynamite
    One man was in the wrong place
    Peanuts came running

    (Peanuts was our black and brown daschund)

  2. Twitchy-Nose-Whiskers
    Inventive name for a pet
    bunny, isn’t it?

    (seriously, that was the first pet I had a hand in naming!)

  3. A Lady she was
    The best dog I ever had
    I still miss her

  4. My first real pet as an adult, Lochinvar, already has a poem written about him :)


    But I can do a haiku…

    Bravo, Lochinvar
    Who knows what dev’lish evil
    That pen would have raised

  5. James slept next to me
    until the day I left home.
    I came back too late.


  6. long night
    pitch-black darkness hides
    flying fruit bats


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