Not tonight, Josephine, I have a headache

For various reasons owing very little to WAR itself and rather more to that pesky Real Life monster, I’ve not yet checked out the Night of Murder event, nor am I particularly interested in doing so right this second. (As an aside, thank God these events are now designed with real people and real schedules in mind — they last a week or more rather than those 3-12 hours, “we know you’ll be online” old-school events.) Write-ups are starting to come in from others bloggers, including this one from GirlIRL, whose blog is well worth checking out and not just because she’s also female and might share some of my undergarment-arson tendencies.

And then I came across my own signature on the CoW forum — I don’t usually look at sigs, don’t usually have more than a 1-line one myself, and that’s the largest one I’ve had in years (said the actress to the Bishop) — and suddenly the main reason WAR isn’t holding me that well became apparent.

That K rating is a bit of a killer — or not, as the case may be. In a game that, ultimately (and in its best execution*) comes down to PvP action, my timid little o% killer isn’t going to get me far.

I tried RvR. I actually enjoyed RvR in WAR, for the most part (and that’s a hell of an achievement by Mythic, incidentally). But it hasn’t changed the basic type of player I am and I doubt it will, because oddly enough that profile is probably pretty close to the type of person I am too. I like to explore stuff (metaphorically and otherwise), I like to talk with people, I occasionally get something done, and I’m really, really not interested in conflict. I avoid conflict like the plague. Ya might say I have issues with it. So, in games, RvR/PvP is never going to be something I do more than occasionally. Which may mean that WAR isn’t going to be something I play all the time, but rather dip into when I feel like it.

Sort of like Bildo’s dual-wielding MMOs, but different.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that what various bloggers have said in the last year or so may be right: WAR might be more entertaining, on the war-front, if there were more than 2 sides. With two sides you have a couple, feuding or — as often seems to happen — snoring and avoiding each other. Add another side and suddenly you have a love triangle, and things become a whole lot more complicated, and usually therefore more interesting. Given that Mythic is not shy about tweaking, adding, taking out, and otherwise morphing the WAR baby to make it better (as with the introduction of the new mega-dungeon–zone-thing Land of the Dead), I have very little fear that if the 2-sided conflict isn’t quite working out, they’ll improve on it. Surely the IP allows that much wiggle room? (Yeah, I’m a little steamed about the character gender issues, but today isn’t the bra-burning post day.)

*see what I did there?

5 thoughts on “Not tonight, Josephine, I have a headache

  1. HEY … Hey … Any bird that wants to chain herself to me and suffer a JET movement has got my vote! WOOF WOOF!

  2. I run:
    E 73%
    A 53%
    S 53%
    K 20%

    And on the GamerDNA traits gizmo (to the right of your score) I hit really low on Competitive and Organized, which fits. I’m much more interested (in games) in just rambling around and seeing what I come upon.

    I’m glad Warhammer is doing as well as it is for the Organized and Competitive Killer types, since there really is no other game for them. But I’ve accepted that its the wrong game for me, and I don’t think it’ll ever become the right game for me. They’d need such huge sweeping changes that it’d probably drive away the OCK types, who are their bread & butter.

  3. Guys…you look like girls completing personnality tests in magazines to find out if their boyfriend is going to cheat on them or not.
    WAR has a lot of different aspects although what you do with the game depends on you ultimately. Everything doesn’t have to be spoonfed to your mouths.

  4. Actually I *am* female, though I don’t do tests in magazines. However, if I wanted to, it certainly wouldn’t be your business to tell me not to. You’re getting what you want out of WAR, good for you. I’m allowed to say otherwise — especially here, it’s my blog. 😛

  5. I score similar to Pete on the Bartle test. But I think that is only because I know that some killing is necessary in MMOs, so I’m conditioned to accept it to a certain extent.

    Looking at my past as a player, I remember certain times when I’ve made the classic “explorer” comments:

    “I would explore Star Wars Galaxies even if there were no game systems. You’re roaming around a virtually stylized world of one of the greatest universes ever created.”

    “I’ve never been to the bottom of (insert dungeon, raid instance here). I’ll go just so I get to see it.”

    “Dude, I know what killing the mobs is like. It’s the same wherever you go. I’m sick of this zone. I’ve been everywhere.” Dude says, “But it’s only been live for four days.” Me, “Yeah?”

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