Represent for the fluff


I’m sick and tired of hardcore ruling the freaking gaming world. Me wanting fluff from a game is just as valid as Mr Hardcore e-peen wanting more gore on his MegaAttack of Doom Swing, or more class balancing, or whatever the fark it is Mr Hardcore is bitching about this week. Knowing how to hit 3 buttons (or is it 2, with macros, now?) is in no way a particular achievement, and it’s not really superior to wanting ponies with flowers in their hair. But hey, whatever makes you feel less inadequate.

Secondly, if you’re going to bitch, and bitch, and bitch incessantly, then at least have the grace to go it cogently and in complete sentences. I’ll be bored enough to chew off my arm, but at least I won’t wince at the language (and, good thing for you, if I chew my arms off I can’t rant so easily anymore. It’s only a flesh wound!). Standing in one place stamping your little hardcore foot and screaming about the same thing week in, week out, on every single bloody forum (and blog) you can find does not make you an expert or worth listening to. Neither does it make what you’re screaming about any more interesting. Repeated exposure is not turning me to your infantile navel-centred point of view. Sorry. I just hope the developers aren’t listening either.

Reasoned debate — go look it up. Learn it. Love it… Oh, never mind.

Just because a game has combat and combat classes in it, and you happen to play one of those classes, does not a) make you a freaking expert in that class or b) make that class broken just because you got your ass handed to you a few times yesterday. (Take WAR — if you listen to one side, the other side is horribly overpowered and their own side is direly broken. Head to the other side, and guess what you’ll hear?) Just because you don’t care about fluff does not give you the right to get snarky when I mention it.

Oh I’m sorry, am I being snarky? Suck it up.

Here’s a golden rule: if you have nothing good to say, SHUT THE FUCK UP.


There, a little shower of happy for my new (and fast-retreating, I’m sure) readers.