I gotta read, too?!

Talents, one lot per character, and we all know I’m ascetic when it comes to character numbers *cough*. Talents, one lot per pet. Builds for PvE, PvP, raiding, picking your nose, and picking your friend’s nose. Locations for that vendor who sells 101 Ways To Cook Foozles — of which I remember rather more than I should after 3.5 years, but still not all of them (vendors, not the 100 ways to cook foozles). What pets are found where and what they now do, with the new petty goodness patch.

Argh! I never had to read this much in Warhammer!

And, mind you, I’m not rushing to Thottbot every time I have a quest, nor do I have a quest-o-matic helper. If I wanted to streamline & speed up leveling, that’d probably be another lot of reading to be done.

I mean seriously, who still reads in this day and age? (Yes, you’re all figments of my imagination. Behave, you at the back!) I haven’t read this much since I picked SWG up again to try out the new Beast Mastery stuff (another great idea, arm-chewing implementation/leveling grind). That said, since WoW doesn’t much mind being minimised, it’s not so difficult to pop out real quick and check whether it’s “Fist of Doom” or “Fist of Jelly” I want to spec in.

I was good at maths at school, at least right up until differential calculus, but I’ve never latched on to the numbers in games. Give me more than about 2 at once and my eyes glaze over and I’ll start thinking about my next harvesting trip. Reading combat logs? I’d rather level a pet in SWG. Working out the best gear for my char? Meh. If it looks good, that’s what counts, right? Which means I’ve researched builds I think will ultimately do what I want, I bookmarked them, and every time I level I check the little pictures and click the correct box. Like I said, it’s not that I don’t like numbers per se, but for some reason theorycrafting puts me to sleep. Hrmm… maybe I should try that instead of antihystamines at night.

The thing is, there are literally tens of thousands of WoW sites out there. Yikes! So far I’ve stuck to sites I know, because the WoW world is dangerous and some criminal mastermind is always lurking just around the corner to stick a keylogger on your machine and hijack all your phat stuffz — I know this because Blizzard mailed me in game to tell me about it. Yay paranoia! And if it’sĀ  not paranoia, ack! (That said — I’m still pretty sure 99% of “they hacked my account, waaah!” events have more to do with handing out your password to any reasonably curvaceous avatar/brother/college roomate than with deep computer haxage).

The point of this post? Just my amazement at the sheer e-tonnage of stuff out there for WoW. Though with eleventy-million-gajillion players, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

4 thoughts on “I gotta read, too?!

  1. Wowhead is much, much, MUCH better than Thottbott. šŸ™‚ As for talents and whatnot, can’t really help you there as I haven’t played in a while. I tended to check wikis and specific forums (e.g., Main Tankadin forums) for them.

  2. Quit WoW and play Grand Theft Auto IV for PC. Forget reading. Just go take cars and wax some iceholes. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

  3. Mmm foozles!

    I surely don’t miss the days of alt-tabbing or head-banging my desk to figure out where the heck a certain spot is. I remember some WoW quests (before Thottbot became popular) that would literally take me 20 minutes to figure out what I’m doing, AFTER reading!!

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