Peace and love

xmasCall it what you like and worship what you like — capitalist uberplot or not, it’s still that season.

Though my involvement in African (specifically Congolese) affairs is very distant, through the project requests and reports and stuff I help translate, I’m still made aware that being warm, fed, and having my own bed aren’t actually givens. This year I choose to be grateful, and pass it around.

First Christmas without my grandad, too. He shall be missed.

And if you still can’t muster up some cheer, surely you can’t resist Dean Martin.

6 thoughts on “Peace and love

  1. worship what you like

    First signs of your altitis striking out into new territory?

    Regardless, have a very merry Christmas, Ysh!

  2. No no. I have never hidden my true belief in the Great Old Ones. I think they can be described as whatevers just as easily as whoevers.

    /loses 4 SAN points

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