Son of Be My Muse (Part II)

I’ve flitted from game to game like a drunken bumblebee in the last few weeks, and for those of you who thought this would be a dedicated, informative WAR blog (assuming anyone did) this may be something of a disappointment. I never did guarantee either content or enlightement, however — just the occasional bit of entertainment.

When it comes down to it, I like writing, and while blogging isn’t my Great American Novel it’s still better than not writing at all, which is what it’s come down to for me these last… too many years. Also, I think I’m a lot better at writing about whatever’s going through my head than trying to find a “niche;” I’ve never been much of a niche-type person. And tangents — I like tangents. A lot. Did I mention that one time at band camp…

Today, however, the bumblebee has a hangover, the cause of which has absolutely nothing to do with my health (Syp has managed to e-transfer his virus /shakefist), and even less to do with playing WoW into the wee hours of the morning last night. Well okay, it was only just past midnight, but that’s late for me.

Bleary-eyed and runny-nosed, I putzed around here and there waiting for blog-spiration to strike, but so far it’s failed to do so. On the off-chance you have a topic you’ve been absolutely burning for me to tackle, do tell. If not, I’ll probably have recovered my usual sparkly poise and prose tomorrow.

Oh oh and in the meantime, go check out Genda’s blog, the Grouchy Gamer. Yes, it’s gone a little furry around the edges and is starting to go wild (feral blogs, dangerous things those), but he says he’ll be back in curmudgeonly form soon, telling people go get the hell off his lawn, so it’s worth keeping an eye on. There’s a reason RSS stands for really simple, ya know!

5 thoughts on “Son of Be My Muse (Part II)

  1. I’m mildly surprised you haven’t weighed in on the RMT/microtransaction kerfluffle, but considering how… rabid some folk can be about it, I can understand not wanting to touch it with a ten foot pole. *shrug*

    How about some game theory? What do you think WAR would play like without levels?

  2. I’m not weighing in on RMT because I’m sort of in two minds about it. But I may post something if I decide that sitting on the fence won’t bore the reading pants off everyone. 😉

  3. Heh, I’m not so much on the fence as strongly supportive of some elements of RMT/microtransactions, and strongly critical of others. I think that the imprecision in terminology has been a disservice to debate on the subject, so it’s nice to see what objections and sustaining arguments people have, away from the knee-jerk “itz bad dood!” and “yeah, boy!”.

    If nothing else, writing about things forces one to really think about why they think the way they do. That’s valuable to the author, at least. 🙂

  4. We in the West think of RMTs as bad because of the upper hand it can give players. That depends on what is available through RMTs, though.

    In the East, they view RMTs as good because of the upper hand it can give players.

    Of course, in the East, they’ve been a lot more open to digital property, too. They don’t call them Sony and Nintendo for nothin’.

    We might love to play their games here in the West, but we really have no idea at all about what it is to live, eat and breathe in 0s and 1s.

  5. Makkaio, that’s almost indicative of the bizarre semi-Socialist mindset that has settled into the West. Not so long ago, we’d have embraced the chance to get ahead according to one’s fortunes.

    Funny how times change, and how the definition of “fair” mutates.

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