Happiness is a warm sword

Update 1.1 is with us, crashes and bug-flinging spacechimps notwithstanding, and so far I’m loving it. Caveat: I’ve only been in game an hour or two, in quiet areas, and I’ve done no RvR of any kind, scenario, open or otherwise.

With that out of the way, I can say that so far the client update seems great. I was able to select ful-screen AND minimise the client to the desktop, which isn’t something I’d been able to do since beta, or at least not without a side order of crashy lockup; it did take the textures a little while to reload when I came back to the client, but that’s okay. I was also able to turn the lightmaps and the grass back on, which makes such a difference to how the game looks; I’d try turning all the frills back on, but I know what that would do — the game would look marvellous and I’d get about 0.34 frames per second. (I don’t actually measure my FPS in games much — my general measure is, does it seem smooth? If it doesn’t, doesn’t really matter if it’s running at 900 FPS.)


Here’s a shot of Kaltlauf in Black Fire Pass, just because it looked good in the moonlight. I have a 1900×1200 version of it too.

Cloaks have acquired — in some? all? cases — furry bits around the shoulders, which I’m not certain I like, but I *do* like that Ysh’s cloak went from solid darkish blue to patterned blue. ysh-1_1-cloak CoW is a third of the way to 20, so in a few days we should be able to display our guild heraldry, which I’m looking forward to. I’ve also turned off her helm… we’ll see what happens when I log her back in.

I killed a few orcs and gobbos here and there, as one does, and — after I got over my shock of seeing him saunter past — chased Alan Cartwright The Really Creepy Seed Guy all the way down a dungeon ramp (which is in fact a way from Black Fire Pass to the Badlands). Again, it’s not much to test by, but it certainly felt like Ysh was doing better than before. Damage felt good, and the amount of damage I was taking felt about right; meaning it was more than I would like to take, because I actually have nothing against being godlike versus my puny little foes, but still felt about right for a squishy class using her armour-boost stance. I was taking down 2 levels higher than me with ease, which isn’t something I’d have said before the career change… though since I also changed to Assault spec at about the same time, it’s hard to say what’s having the most influence there. I’ll get back to you when (if) I hit 40 and spec back to Scout.

As an aside regarding combat, the new cooldown animation is — still! — just a little TOO glitzy; I feel I should be able to notice it without having my eye drawn to it involuntarily, but it’s better.

The patch did reset a bunch of things, like chat text colours, separate chat windows, font sizes and other chatty stuff, but given the number of changes they made to the system that’s not too surprising. It wasn’t all that difficult to get set up again, and I’m glad they finally brought WAR-chat into this century.

Another thing it did, which presumably wasn’t intentional (hee!) is to make some mounts attackable. There were a bunch of apparently abandoned, apparently aggro attackable horses in Altdorf this morning — maybe they’re pissed off at being dumped in the middle of the street and not in some cozy stable.

Hrm, what else. Like I said, I wasn’t on for very long. I did tool around Black Fire Pass looking for the “easy” chapter 12 Dwarf PQ, but couldn’t find it (not that I looked too hard). I *did* notice that the PQs now have indicators on them — like “Normal” or “Hard” — when you enter the PQ area, and if you mouse over one of the PQ-chest icons on the map, it’ll give you that info as well. Downside is, not all PQs have such chests on the map — Grimbeard Station is certainly marked on the BFP map, but it doesn’t have a mouseable PQ-chest icon, and neither does the Moonfang PQ not too far down the road. EDIT — oops, RTFPatchnotes… EasyPQs are only implemented in Tier 1 at the moment. Ahem — I knew that!

Still, they’re trying, and even if it’s two steps forward and one step back, I at least appreciate the effort. I never used to be as arsy about games being perfect as I became in the last few years, and I’m trying to abandon that ‘tude. MMOs are evolving entities and as long as there’s at least a willingness to eventually get it right, I’ll put up with some backstepping (though promises will only take you so far even with me).

4 thoughts on “Happiness is a warm sword

  1. I have a longstanding apelove. Ask me about the Mandrill Conspiracy sometime — though if I tell you, I’ll surely have to kill you.

  2. YSH! What cloak is that? My dwarf’s cloak is now just more beat up than before, with an apparently-worn spot right around the butt… which I believe infers that I am a lazy healer!!!!!!

    I want a patterned cloak like Ysh /jealous

  3. Anddddd… what kind of specs do you use to get your comp to run smoothly on those graphics!? I’m not sure what the problem is with my machine, but I chop mega-balls when my game looks like that – really takes away from it having everything on “fastest framerate”

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