Metal? What metal?

Work hits you for 23,048 points of RL damage.

Grumble, gripe, grinch, groan.

You’ll have to look elsewhere for Heavy Metal event coverage, since I’ve just caught ridiculously heavy work aggro. Logging on and playing anything more involved than a game of FreeCell is going to be problematic. First there’s work, then there’s real life health stuff which isn’t that bad so I won’t bore the lot of you with it, except to say it may curtail my computing (*gasp!* not just gaming!) for a week or two.

I shouldn’t be compless till Friday so I’ll try to update before then. However, I do owe Hammer of WAR a column in the steadily diminishing free time I still have.

And no, I’m not going to do any of it now. I just did a 12 hour work stint translating French financial stuff into English. My brain is mush. Mushier.

Time to firm it up with some quality telly.