Be my muse

When I agreed to write stuff for Hammer of WAR online, and decided to do a column about alts, I thought I would never run dry. Sadly, this week I am without a scintilla, nay even iota, of inspiration. (If you actually know which of an iota or a scintilla is smaller, shut up.)

I have too much other stuff on my mind — work and the usual RL gubbins, but mostly that death in the family which is still having weird ripple effects and has made it really hard to concentrate lately. I thought a week was going to be decently long to grieve, but I guess we can’t schedule these things as neatly as we’d like.

It’s possible that bemoaning my lack of inspiration will either trigger said inspiration (it being perverse that way) or prompt one of you fine readers to suggest something. (Something printable, that is.)

I’ll tell you what else, I sure picked the wrong week to quit being negative. Maybe equally perversely, I have, predictably perhaps, found myself mild-to-moderately irritated by everything, and even frothingly infuriated by a few specific things that don’t really deserve it. The world has offended me this week. (I know, it’s not the world, it’s me. But if the easiest psychological explanation also serves — that I’m mad about the loss of my grandad — then there isn’t a whole lot I can do about it but wait for it to pass.)