WAR Server Transfer update

Since being on a server with enough population on both sides is sort of a prerequisite for lasting enjoyment of WAR, Mythic at least did the right thing by jumping on the server transfer solution pretty quickly. This is the latest update (original):


Over the last few weeks the team has implementing a transfer system to allow both players and guilds to move between our servers. This technology was not available for WAR at launch and building it has proven to be a little more complex than originally expected. I’m happy to say that starting next week we will begin public testing of the service and if things go well, we will be able to offer it free to our players (for a limited time) either next week or the week after that. I apologize for the delay in making this service available but again, it did take a little longer than we originally expected.

We will be posting details next week about the public test and then the parameters for the free service.

Happily for me, Order-CoW are on a server that seems to be just about right, or did for the first free month; we’ll have to see how things shake down between now and Christmas, and what the churn might be like. I know lots of other folks weren’t so lucky, including our own Destruction branch who had a rough start though no real fault of anyone’s other than maybe the Karma Pixies.

Anyway, transfers — free or otherwise — should hopefully help population numbers and balances. Good.