WAR Server Transfer update

Since being on a server with enough population on both sides is sort of a prerequisite for lasting enjoyment of WAR, Mythic at least did the right thing by jumping on the server transfer solution pretty quickly. This is the latest update (original):


Over the last few weeks the team has implementing a transfer system to allow both players and guilds to move between our servers. This technology was not available for WAR at launch and building it has proven to be a little more complex than originally expected. Iā€™m happy to say that starting next week we will begin public testing of the service and if things go well, we will be able to offer it free to our players (for a limited time) either next week or the week after that. I apologize for the delay in making this service available but again, it did take a little longer than we originally expected.

We will be posting details next week about the public test and then the parameters for the free service.

Happily for me, Order-CoW are on a server that seems to be just about right, or did for the first free month; we’ll have to see how things shake down between now and Christmas, and what the churn might be like. I know lots of other folks weren’t so lucky, including our own Destruction branch who had a rough start though no real fault of anyone’s other than maybe the Karma Pixies.

Anyway, transfers — free or otherwise — should hopefully help population numbers and balances. Good.


I have other (RL) things on my mind today, but I have become oddly accustomed to writing something here every morning, and it didn’t feel right not to do the same today. It reminds me of the morning pages I used to do and have abandoned… and probably should pick up again.

Anyway, a few things that caught my roving Google-reader eye this morning. I apparently have 71 subs in my reader, which probably puts me within spitting distance of Joey’s list over at Hammer of WAR online. I expect I will be culling that list at some point, but it’s easy enough to scroll past stuff that doesn’t interest me on a given– uh, I mean, you all fascinate me! Every word you write! Ok srsly, there are only 24 hours in a day and some of you are almost as wordy as me, and when I’m 129 articles behind on the reader, some skimming might occur. That’s all I’ll admit to.

Warhammer Tank mentions community and its part in MMOs, and of course he’s right. Looking back at my best-evah gaming experiences, including pen’n’paper, it’s not what you play but who you play it with. Okay, so what you play does matter a little, but the best damn multiplayer game in the world gets old after a while if there’s nobody else to play it with. What keeps it fresh is other people, at least until we get games that *can* change through whatever means (e.g. user-generated content). Even then, I suspect other people will still be important (and of course also hell). In WAR this is even more true than usual, since so much of the, er, War, is to kill or be killed.

Chumbawumba’s one-hit wonder remains my obvious theme-tune for WAR. Tell me that wasn’t written by a dwarf — or Yorkshireman, same thing really. Just listen to the WAR sound bytes for the stunties.

Speaking of open RvR, it now offers EVEN MORE xp goodness! That might actually work as a carrot, though scenarios retain the advantage that you don’t even have to MOVE from the quest guy at the warcamp thing in order to do one after the other. However, for players who actually like to do things and aren’t just in it to reach max level then bitch and whine about how they have nothing to do, this might be pretty nice. I’ll add one thing: open RvR is unbelievably more fun once you have a mount. Nothing screams “this is great!” quite as… quietly… as having to run-plod through most of 2 freaking zones because the keep you’re assaulting is at the southern end of Ellyrion and the damned respawn camp is in the Shadowlands, after that @(*&@ keep lord AOE-punts your ass over the balcony again! (Tangent: learn to keep something more solid than gold-filigree handrail behind said ass.)

Next is The Next Big Thing, over at the Greenskin. It’s a fairly hot topic: why do we constantly chase new MMOs? Is it because new is shiny and fun? Is it because no MMO can satisfy everything we want out of gaming? Have we become spoiled for choice? One thing I’ve noticed about my own occasional insatisfaction is that online gaming never quite recaptures the enormous fun of tabletop gaming. I don’t think that’s a fair comparison to make, really (apples and pears, if not oranges), but I know it’s one many other tabletop gaming buddies also make. Maybe I should try to weed out the pen’n’paper geek in me and try to judge MMOs by their own, not identical, standards. In any case I’m happy with WAR right now, quibbles and rants aside.

Since this seems to be my week to plug Wizards & Wenches, there’s a really fun write-up of a keep defense in over there. There’s a lot of writing about keep sieges, probably because attacking may seem more exciting than defense, but I’ve been on a couple of defending teams myself and it is definitely rewarding. I’m looking forward to lots of that kind of thing in tiers 3 and 4, especially since at that point keeps acquire outer walls and other size-related goodness.

Apparently WAR’s data.myp file has a tendency to bloat, which can cause problems. I immediately checked out the size of my own file (57meg), so while it’s retaining a little water, it’s not too bad. Apparently it can gobble up gigs of space though, so check yours. It’s a myp file, not a ravening squig!

And finally, some blatant self-promotion. The third instalment of my Altophiles column over on Hammer of WAR is up, and so far it’s been very fun to write. I’m just wondering how much there is to write about alts without covering the same thing over and over again, or becoming just another character-level journal x 8. Then again I’ve been an altoholic for nigh on a decade, so I can probably manage.