Oh happy day

It’s a special day today so I don’t have to blog. I am adding this post merely to appease the couple of you who stop by slavering masses.

Well, and I have a question. WAR has had a “super-screenshot” feature ever since I’ve been in beta (ok, that was only a couple of months). I can’t seem to get it to work. Below, two screenshots of my ‘ard-arse Sister of Sigmar, Orlando. The first is a normal screenie, the second may or may not be a superscreenie. To me they look identical, so I’m leaning towards “may not be”. Friends, readers, blogeymen, lend me your eyes!

Second question: seafood place or steakhouse tonight? This is an important decision.

I actually do have stuff I want to post about but I shouldn’t have to today, *and* I’ve planned an all day play-till-you-drop-apalooza which means, karma pixies being what they are, that I probably won’t get to play at all. Stupid karma pixies.

Later edit. I shouldn’t have mentioned the karma pixies, they got me good and proper. Not only did I not get to play much, I don’t get to go out to dinner tonight and the day has, for various reasons not ENTIRELY due to turning *shudder* 40, been pretty shitty. Eh well, stuff happens. On the upside I think it means I get to go out for late bday lunch tomorrow AND late bday dinner some other time, with various fambly & friends who couldn’t make it today or tomorrow. Two for the price of one ain’t so bad, I guess.

Oh hey and look, I’m in print. Well, on a website. Well, on a website that isn’t mine. Oh hell, just click the link already.