Blogroll and pot roast

On the off-chance you read this and on the even slimmer off-chance I haven’t already got you on my blogroll, throw a comment down here and I’ll do the necessary. And add you to my reader feed, which is much more important.

In other news, I am making pot roast. 4 hours of cooking to go and I am resisting throwing my face into it NOW. Especially since it would probably melt my face rather than satisfy my hunger.

That is all.

Behind the curve

So it’s been what, a week now, and my main char still hasn’t made it out of Tier1, as they say. “Made it out,” like it’s what — a prison term? an obligation? a transitory state to be abandoned asap? everyone’s duty?

Yes yes, any game with levels sort of demands that one progresses through those levels. Actually, no it doesn’t. If I want to have a character at level 3 for the next 2 years, that’s my choice. I pays my money and I does my quests, or not as I see fit. And I’m not just talking about low level crafting mules.

Just because the stuffed rabbit rushes around the track doesn’t mean this bitch has to follow; and even if it does, I’ll follow at my own pace.

Alright, topic hijack. Let’s make this not about the curve and where one should be on it a week – a month – a year down the line, but rather about giving other people the space to play the game as they see fit. It’s their fifteen bucks. If they’re going too slowly for you, too bad. If they’re going too fast for you, suck it up! This goes for me too, with my mildly-anxious “stop pushing me to level!” reaction to, probably, nothing.

I just don’t like to do what I’m told. I shall extend that courtesy to others. I’ll respect your playstyle and your levelling pace if you respect mine. Never gonna happen, but a girl can dream.

(PS My alts haven’t made it out of T1 either. You think those are related? Really?)