That didn’t take long

Yesterday the gold-selling cockroaches of MMOs came out of the woodwork and started sending tells in WAR; I guess I should be grateful they weren’t in the head-start.

First someone noted it in guild chat. There were incredulous reactions (mine included), and then within 10 minutes most of us online in the guild had had one of those “pssst! wanna come buy me questionable goods? ‘ere, take a look in me trenchcoat, see? Only $5 and that’s cuttin’ me own throat!” only less amusing even than that.

I despise gold selling. I despise gold buying, too. I loathe them both particularly when they take place within the framework of a game that doesn’t specifically allow for them. Giving RL money to some third-party in order to get in-game money just rubs me the wrong way. You can argue with me all you want about not having enough time in the day or not wanting to compete to have what everyone else wants, but I’m making a personal value judgement here and I won’t change.

One might argue that current game design almost forces people with lower playtimes (or other availabilities) to buy gold. Bullshit. If you require e-peen items in whatever game it is and you have to spend RL money to get em, it’s a matter of EGO and not a matter of playtime. Just admit it, you’ll be happier in the end.

My views are coloured by my lack of item motivation. All the stuff people drool over for hours in WoW leaves me cold, which is why I don’t raid and it’s why I no longer play WoW. I just don’t get the point of wasting 10-100 hours of my life for a stick. Or a pair of shoulders. Or whatever. Yay for low Bartle Achievement scores. So maybe it’s easy for me to be judgemental (or at least no harder than it is for anyone else), but if people are going to indulge in RMT they should at least be honest with themselves about it. One doesn’t HAVE to keep up with the Joneses. It’s easy to buck the system, even if it appears to be one put in place by the complicity of the game bosses (SOE’s RMT servers). Just. Say. No.

None of which obviates the fact that from now on I’m going to have to spend some of my precious game TIME to put /tell sending drones on ignore. Great.