To speak. Definitely to speak.

In one of my trademark changes of heart, stolen straight from Mr Burns, I’m going to come down on the side of voice chat. With the right setup and the right people it’s not the tower of babble at all. Instead, it’s a useful tool and a neat way to get to know people, especially when you’re running for your life (usually unsuccessfully with my WH) in RvR. And with mandatory push-to-talk nobody has to hear my expletives when that same tank kills me AGAIN.

I remain a little worried that voice chat will replace guild chat, which would be a great shame. Not everyone like voice chat (I should know, I was one of them), and more importantly people should’t be forced to try it until they’re ready. I’m therefore going to make a special effort to talk as much in guild chat as I always have, which, if you know me, is a lot. So no worries there.

Thanks again to my fellow CoWs, who have made what I expected to be a fraught and uncomfortable experience a rather pleasant one. Bet you wish you’d kept me off Vent!

If you’re on the fence about voice chat and you’re in Casualties (or any other friendly, noninvasive group of people), I urge you to come and lurk a little. Nobody is made to talk when they don’t want to, which is nice — you can lurk to your heart’s content. It’s not massively noisy, and there wasn’t so much chatter that I couldn’t concentrate on the game. Okay, now and then I was laughing too hard to play, but that goes in the plus column. Definitely a thumbs-up.

(PS – Manamar, I saw you lurking. /wave )

(… can you see someone lurking in a chat channel? eh, whatever.)