(WAR) Update on the update of preview weekend + Headstart

For the few who may read this and not the rest of the tom-tom WARinfo relay (sometimes carried by Mooing):

Update of update, Warhammer Alliance forums

I’m very impressed by the level of communication. Long may it continue. Yay communication!

Edit — and, just to spread the meme a little more, headstart info.

I’m really rather puzzled as to why this hasn’t appeared on the Mythic-US site, but what do I know. Boo communication!

(WAR) Are we there yet?

By the time Open Beta rolls around, let alone the head start and actual release, I’ll be so exhausted from all the anticipation and Bovine goodness I may not even notice. (There is still a beta and I’m still in it, but it’s a rather focused, NDA-covered thing and after the hordes of the preview weekend, rattling about with a much smaller pop again just isn’t the same.)

Why is it that wanting is often so much more entertaining than actually getting?