Warhammer Online NDA lifted…

…because I really believe I’m the only one posting this information. 😉

For real this time.

Let the questions, impressions, lambastings and praises begin!

Right now, I’ll say just this: I haven’t allowed myself to get all worked up about a game since The Great Disappointment of 2007 (Vanguard), but I am worked up about WAR. Does it have a few flaws? Yes. Is it ready for release? YES. Will it be fun? Hell, yes!

I’m not one of those people who naively believe that an MMO is ever “finished”, and I’m enough of a realist to know there’s never enough time and money to give something 100% polish. WAR is playable, it’s enjoyable, it looks pretty good and nothing I’ve encountered is game-breaking.

The Dark Elves are secksay, the Greenskins are… green (and damned funny too), Chaos is threatening, the High Elves aren’t nearly as twee as you might expect, Empire is one massive collection of (really fun to play) bigots, Dwarves are sturdy (and good with ketchup) — what more can you want?