Warhammer Online NDA lifted…

…because I really believe I’m the only one posting this information. 😉

For real this time.

Let the questions, impressions, lambastings and praises begin!

Right now, I’ll say just this: I haven’t allowed myself to get all worked up about a game since The Great Disappointment of 2007 (Vanguard), but I am worked up about WAR. Does it have a few flaws? Yes. Is it ready for release? YES. Will it be fun? Hell, yes!

I’m not one of those people who naively believe that an MMO is ever “finished”, and I’m enough of a realist to know there’s never enough time and money to give something 100% polish. WAR is playable, it’s enjoyable, it looks pretty good and nothing I’ve encountered is game-breaking.

The Dark Elves are secksay, the Greenskins are… green (and damned funny too), Chaos is threatening, the High Elves aren’t nearly as twee as you might expect, Empire is one massive collection of (really fun to play) bigots, Dwarves are sturdy (and good with ketchup) — what more can you want?


WAR: RvR? From a carebear? At 2 o’clock in the morning?*

Those who know me will already know that I have a deep-seated and vehement aversion to PvP. Those who don’t – just take my word for it. I. Don’t. Like. PvP.

I used to think it was because I was constantly getting killed, and was therefore really crap at playing against other people. I used to think it was also because I Bartle out as SEA, meaning I don’t really care enough about fighting stuff, let alone other players, to want to be good at it. I was certain it was because ultimately, I’m much more into making things than I am into killing things, hard as that may be to achieve in many of the Mickey Mouse crafting mini-games most MMOs currently have. (For the record, to my mind only SWG and Horizons ever had something akin to a “real” crafting system, which implies having a real craft-based economy, not a loot-based economy. But that’s for another post on another day.)

Now, I know it’s also because PvP has no immediate aim other than killing each other, whereas RvR (Realm versus Realm) is about advancing the aims of your “side.” In other words, RvR has a larger purpose beyond slaughtering other people, and PvP does not. The aim of PvP does not attract me; however, as a cooperative person/player, the aim of RvR, as I have discovered, does. (JoBildo put this very well in the CoW forums, as did others, but those are in the guild only section; speaking of which, open recruitment ends very soon, so if you’re interested, head over there now.)

Thanks to Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, I’m discovering the joys of killing people for a cause. And I’m discovering that I’m not as crap at it as I thought. Having the right purpose is motivating me to give it more than a passing try, which is giving me a chance to actually learn how to fight other players as opposed to silly game-controlled monsters (which I enjoy, though even I can’t argue they show much in the way of inventive tactics). I have shouted “Die, mofo, die die DIE!!!” at my screen more than once in the last few weeks. It’s oddly liberating.

This isn’t intended as a lesson in fighting other people — there are plenty of guides out there done by people far more knowledgeable and experienced than I. It is intended to encourage others who also think they “suck at” and/or “hate” PvP. RvR is an entirely different beast. It may still not be your cup of tea at the end of the blood-soaked day, but I can confidently assert that it’s at least worth a try. Which means you may as well try out WAR, in case you weren’t planning to already.

*If you actually get this really, really oblique reference, you win a virtual cookie. If you don’t, no worries, it wasn’t that witty.


I may as well add to the anticipatory froth. This post is brought to you by 0 content and 100% antici…….pation.

Is it gone yet?

Is it gone yet?

Is it gone yet?

This may keep you busy while you wait. It’s a cinematic trailer, so don’t expect true-to-life (or indeed any) gameplay, but after a rather slow start (IMO) it’s got some corking shots and is well worth watching. We all know already that Dark Elves are hawt, but that High Elf has a nice, dark-eyed, not-so-emo-afterall look to her. Though both are beaten by the squig in terms of sheer secksay, of course.