WAR open beta – blink and you’ll miss it

No open beta till September 7th, apparently (release sniffed out by Massively). So if release is the 18th, the head start is presumably going to be around the 15-16th, with some (CE) getting an extra day iirc. (If it’s *not* at least 48 hours (72 would be better) then a lot of pre-order people, myself included, are going to feel a bit gypped.) So open beta will only last 7-10 days, if that, assuming the servers don’t get brought down a day or so early in preparation for launch. That’s short. I wonder what effect it’ll have, especially if the NDA doesn’t drop until then, since so many gamers use open betas as a “try before you buy” option, which is largely what they’ve become.

EA Press release

Edit – and the NDA comes down tomorrow. Yay!

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