Stylish, but not unique

It appears I’ve stolen someone’s handle, “Stylishcorpse,” for the name of this blog. It’s getting harder and harder to come up with something that nobody has ever used before, and in my defence I’ve been leaving stylish corpses in MMOs for nigh on a decade. How was I to know some guy would actually make a name out of it?

Maybe it I work hard and blog like a maniac I’ll become more famous.

Maybe if I work harder, I’ll care about being famous. 😉

2 thoughts on “Stylish, but not unique

  1. We know you are an original Ysharros. Don’t worry about name confusion, you’ll make your own niche.

    Good luck here. Remind me after you have been going a month and I’ll put you on the grouchy blogroll.

  2. Good god, give me more than a month, or I’ll get performance anxiety, which is something I’d rather leave to the boys.

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