Stylish, but not unique

It appears I’ve stolen someone’s handle, “Stylishcorpse,” for the name of this blog. It’s getting harder and harder to come up with something that nobody has ever used before, and in my defence I’ve been leaving stylish corpses in MMOs for nigh on a decade. How was I to know some guy would actually make a name out of it?

Maybe it I work hard and blog like a maniac I’ll become more famous.

Maybe if I work harder, I’ll care about being famous. 😉

Beta hysteria (WAR)

Lots of people out there seem to think open beta is starting today. As far as I can see (not that I’ve looked all that hard), only the Collector’s Edition beta access started today. The volume of posts being made all over the place, of which I’ve only seen a fraction of a fraction of 1% – which was still enough to numb several braincells – is typically ridiculous and typically worthless, on the order of “Are they up yet?!?!!!???” … And those were the moderated threads. God only knows what it’s like over on FoH or VN.

I reckon open beta won’t start till this Friday.

I admit I probably wouldn’t be this phlegmatic about it if I hadn’t already had a closed beta invite; but I certainly wouldn’t be hysterical. It’s a game – one I’m finding myself anticipating more than I expected, but still, a game.